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Not just a pretty view

San Francisco Bay is a working bay, with freighters from across the world putting into port. Here a freighter passes between Alcatraz and the ferry pier.


Coming closer to the island, with a seagull taking the point.

Sally Port

The Sally Port dating from the old fort, looking towards some of the outbuildings. Prisoners came through here on their way to the cellhouse.

Water Tower

The water tower.

Warden's House

The ruins of the warden's house.

Golden Gate

Looking at the Golden Gate Bridge from the island.


In the cellhouse.

Solitary Confinement

The solitary cells looked out on the bay. At the far end, on the first level, were the cells known as "The Hole."

The Hole

Closer view.


A typical cell in the main cellblocks.

Exercise Yard

Here, prisoners got some fresh air and a chance to stretch their legs. The yard was featured in several scenes of Clint Eastwood's "Escape From Alcatraz".

View from the Yard

Looking out at the Golden Gate.

Cellhouse and Yard

Looking up at the cellhouse from the Exercise Yard.

Cellhouse and Yard

Looking up at the cellhouse from the Exercise Yard.

Looking towards freedom

A security door that leads down towards the New Industries buildings. Prisoners would go through here to their jobs.

The Golden Gate

Another view of the Golden Gate from the island.

New Industries Buildings

Looking towards the New Industries Buildings.

The City

Looking back at the city through the mist.

The Bay Bridge

Looking at the Bay Bridge through a window in the Warden's House.

Angel Island

Angel Island, possible destination of the three men who apparentely escaped Alcatraz on June 11-12, 1962.

The City

A nice view of the city from the end of the island trail.


View of the barracks as the ferry heads back to the mainland.