Around Town

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Coit Tower

First day in town. Looking up at Coit Tower through the fishing boats docked near Pier 39.

Misty view

Looking across the foggy town from a ridge.

Vista View

Same ridge, different direction. Looking out through the trees.

The Car

1997 Toyota Camry. First and (so far) only time I've rented a foreign car.

Botanical Garden

View of the botanical gardens.

Duck Pond

Cool pond at the Botanical Garden. Saw a lot of ducks you don't see at home in the Midwest.

Bird of Prey

A hawk I spotted. Presumably looking for dinner.

Cliff House

Looking up the beach at the end of Golden Gate Park towards Cliff House and Seal Rocks.

Angry Sea

The Pacific washing ashore near Cliff House.

Hyde Park

Looking out at Alcatraz from Hyde Park. It is on this spot that the saga of The Peanut was born.

Candlestick Park

The gates were closed, but the gap was wide enough for me. I also used the opportunity to put a hex on the stadium - which worked, as the Packers beat the 49ers in the NFC Championship later that season.

Candlestick and Hunter's Point

Looking at Candlestick and the ex-Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard.


Headquarters of Apple Computer.


The dogcow and his friends at Apple's HQ in Cupertino.