Battleship Missouri Memorial

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Dock View

Mooring Quays

The battleships were moored here on December 7, 1941.


Officer's Stateroom

Pearl Harbor

Looking across the harbor.

5" Director and Stack

Kamikaze Damage

From the kamikaze that struck the ship on April 11, 1945.



Two Phalanx CIWS recently taken off the ship.

Combat Engagement Center

Combat Engagement Center

Combat Engagement Center

Surrender Plaque

On the Surrender Deck.

Tomahawk Launchers

Starboard View

Ford Island

Looking across Ford Island.

Conning Tower

Conning Tower

Forward View

Looking across the forward turrets towards the Arizona Memorial.

Bridge View

Looking out from the bridge.

5" Turret

Ford Island

Looking towards the control tower on Ford Island that was built just before the attack on December 7, 1941.

Flying Colors

The flag flying from the Missouri's stern.

Stern View

Bow View