A Country Drive

A series of photos from a late afternoon drive west of Madison, WI on April 3, 2004.

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Feed Mill

Old and rusty, this still-open mill sits at what is today the northern entrance to the Middleton business park.

:) Part I

Goth Road? I couldn't resist it...

:) Part II

...or this one. Goth Park, indeed.

Abandoned House

This old stone house sits empty on the fringes of a new subdivision. No Trespassing signs are everywhere. Hopefully it will be renovated and used once again.

Clouds & Sun

Pausing for a moment to admire the skyscape.

Old Barn

Apparently still in use (note the new roof patches) this old soldier has all kinds of neat colors and textures.

Blue Mound

Looking west out over the fields towards Blue Mound.

Old Sheds

These old sheds sit alongside an old country road.

Corn Cribs

The middle one's roof appears to be collapsed.

What's this?

Found this brightly painted whatever-it-is at an intersection, across from a house.

Vermont Church

Located conveniently on Vermont Church Road. Interesting mix of rooflines and color.

Vermont Church

Not as architecturally interesting as the last shot, the color here is better.


The first few noted my presence and obliged me by looking at the camera.