Cave of the Mounds

The entrance, main and lower caves.

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Getting there

The sign on US-151.

Almost there...

One turn and 500 yards...

We're here

Cave entrance

Also doubles as the gift shop.

Main Cave

Coming down the stairs from the entrance.

First feature

Partway down the main cave.

Road closed

A collapse has blocked the main cave at this point. Here we turn and go down into the lower cave.

Heading down...

A twisty, narrow, short path through the lower cave.

Heading down

Lower cave

Small caves go left and right at various heights.

Low Point

This red light marks the lowest point, about 70 feet underground.

Going through...

More narrow passageways.

Mini caves...

More small caves off the main path.

What it really looks like

The passage is actually quite dark, marked by the occasional spotlight. This "natural light" photo illustrates the general conditions.

Another small cave

Off and down in the distance.

Back in the main cave

Doubling back past the entrance and this stone "waterfall".

Heading towards the Back Cave

The stairs climb a collapse pile.


Another stone waterfall and stalactites.

Heading back...

Continuing down the path towards the back cave.


Stone waterfall

Another stone waterfall in the main cave.

Looking up

A "hole" in the ceiling, four or five feet "deep".


Milk or chalk?


At a crack in the ceiling where water trickles in. Stalactites (and stalagmites) grow approximately 1 inch every 100 years.


Stalactites hang in the last large room before the Back Cave.


A whole bunch of stalactites...