Salt Lake City:

Madison to Chicago O'Hare

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The plane

An Embraer, my favorite regional jet.

ATA Commuter Flight

Boarding. I think ATA is the last airline not to use jetways at MSN.

Taking off

A look back at the Wisconsin Air Force.

Taking Off

Passing the Army Blackhawk hangar.

Going up

This view is of the East Washington - Hwy 51 - Hwy 30 triangle. US Hwy 30 is on the right, East Wash below, US Hwy 51 across the top.

Heading south

UW Hwy 30 runs from top to bottom. US Hwy 51 intersects it, and the Badger Interchange (Hwy 30, I94, I39/90) is in the distance.

Hwy 51

Flying along US Hwy 51, intersected by Milwaukee St., with the Badger Interchange off in the upper left. Also visible are Woodman's and the main Madison post office.

Hwy 51

The US Hwy 51 - Cottage Grove Road interchange.

Closer View

The US Hwy 51 - Cottage Grove Road interchange.

Hwy 51

Looking down on US Hwy 51 and Camden Road. My boy's place is in this photo.

Concrete Art

The US Hwy 12/18 - Interstate 39/90 interchange on the southeast side of Madison.

US 12/18 - US 51

US Hwys 12/18 (the "Beltline") meet US Hwy 51.

Stoughton, WI

US Hwy 51 running through town.

Janesville, WI

Interstate 39/90 and two interchanges.

The Burbs

Somewhere north/northwest of Chicago.

Chicago Skyline

The Chicago skyline is visible as we come in to O'Hare.


A United 747 parked at one of the terminals.


Terminal 3.


Terminal 3, looking the other way.


An interesting sculpture.