Salt Lake City & Temple Square

August 17, 2004

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First Light

Having arrived late at night, I had no idea what the area really looked like until I opened the curtains the next morning.

First Light

Another view.

Nice commute

I wouldn't mind having views like this every day...

Nice commute II

Heading west.

Nice Commute III

Doubling back and heading east.

Nice commute IV

Nice commute V

Nice commute VI

Nice commute VII

Office view

From the parking lot at the office.

Office view II

Office view III

Driving downtown

Again, who wouldn't want a commute like this? View taken not far from the office.

Driving downtown

My first glimpse of the Downtown area.

Temple Square: Assembly Hall

From "outside" (the wall), Assembly Hall. The Mormon Choir gives some of their performances here.

Temple Square

The North entrance. My co-workers from Seattle are on the right, headed further in.

Visitor Center

A diorama of ancient Jersualem.

The Tabernacle

A totally unassuming building from outside, this is the primary venue for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

The Tabernacle

The pipe organ and choir seating inside. They have a demonstration where someone drops a pin at the podium. You can clearly hear it at the rear of the building.

The Temple

The "back door".

Temple Square

Inlaid mosiac.

Assembly Hall

Nicely framed by the trees.

The Temple

Oblique angle view.

The Temple

Oblique view. It was a glorious day for photography.

Reflecting Pond

Water continually runs over the edges of this large oval pond outside the main Temple entrance.

The Temple

Front door.

Reflecting Pond and Garden Fountain

Reflecting Pond and Garden Fountain II

State Capitol

Wrapped up for renovations.

Reflecting Pond

I got one of my Seattle colleagues to pose for this shot. The goal was to have him appear to be walking on water.

Garden Monument

This is outside the Relief Society Bldg. I have no idea what it is.

The Temple

The sunbeams streaking through behind the Temple made for a nice photo.

Joseph Smith Memorial Building

One of the buildings on Temple Square, it attracted my attention mostly for the beehive on the roof.

Driving downtown

More nice views on our way to the foothills north of town.

Unknown Building

Across the street from the state capitol.