Park City, UT - Utah Olympic Park

August 18, 2004

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Utah Olympic Park

The sign at the entrance.

Olympic Sign

The Olympic sign at the entrance to Utah Olympic Park.

Bobsled Run

The bobsled/luge/skeleton run.

Splash Pool

Used for off-season training in jumping events, skiers slide down the ramps and practice aerial moves, landing in the pool.

Splash Pool

To make the water safef for landing, air is pumped into the pool to break up the surface. Here they are preparing for an athlete to come down the right-hand ramp.

Splash Pool

The skier has just landed in a white pool of froth.


A skier caught midway in their practice run.

Olympic Ski Jumps

Two of the three jumps. The third is just off to the left.

Ski Jumping

A jumper in mid-run. Look above the logo.

Ski Jumping

Another practice run.

Ski Jumping

Another practice run.


A summer practice run on a wheeled sled.

Bobsled Run

The scoreboard and "where are they?" board.

Ski runs

A view of some ski runs near Utah Olympic Park.

Heading up the hill

Enroute to the "Extreme Zip" ride, we took the chairlift up the side of the ski jumps.


It's a pretty steep hill.

From the chairlift

Looking over at the jumps.

From the chairlift II

Looking back down the hill to the landing areas and end zone.

From the chairlift III

The starting points on the ski jumps.

From the chairlift IV

The takeoff spots for the jumps.

From the chairlift V

Past the control tower, looking down the jump hills and towards the access road.

Top of the hill

Postcard shot of the flags at the top of the ski jumps.

Extreme Zip

The launch point, above the ski jumps. Two park employees are being suited up for the final test - it was the very first day this ride had ever been open.


From the Zip launch, looking out over the area. I-80 curves through the middle.

Extreme Zip

This is the final check run. Off they go!

Extreme Zip

The lines run down along the ski jump, crossing over the landing area, bleachers and vending area, ending on the far side.

Extreme Zip

Suiting up customers #1 and 2. We were #3, 4 and 5.

Extreme Zip

Only two of the four lines were tested, so one of the Seattle guys had already gone down. He caught us at the end of the zip run.

Postcard shot

Closeup of the area around Utah Olympic Park.

Utah Olympic Park

Another view of the ski jumps while leaving for the other Park City venue.