Park City, UT

August 18, 2004

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Enroute to Park City

Ski runs everywhere...

Enroute to Park City

Ski runs.

Enroute to Park City

First glimpse of the Alpine Slide.

Park City

Thunderheads building over the mountains.

Park City

Valley where the Alpine Slide, Alpine Zip and ski runs come together.

From the chairlift

View of the Alpine Slide. This is a serious chairlift - each one holds up to six people.

From the chairlift II

View of the Alpine Slide.

From the chairlift III

View of riders on the Slide.

From the chairlift IV

View of the Slide.

From the chairlift V

Looking back across the Park City area.

Alpine Slide

Starting point for the "old" slide.

Alpine Slide

At the top of the "new" slide, ready to go down.

Park City

Main Street. This was a major gathering point at the 2002 Olympics.

Hungry Moose

How could I not take a photo of this sign?


Park City had many decorative moose.

Olympic Monument

This had something to do with the Olympics, but I'm not sure what. Note the moose.


More colorfully decorated Park City moose.

Olympic Sign

At the entrance to the visitor center.