Denver International Airport

My first visit to DIA lasted less than ten minutes - the time it took me to run at full speed from the arrival gate to the departure gate.

If it had been any farther, I'd have missed the plane, thanks to United Express for leaving Madison 90 minutes late. Grrrr.

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A Frontier Airlines jet with the Rocky Mountains behind. This shot was from the puddle-jumper.

Various United Airlines jets and the Rockies. The one with its tail sticking out is probably the plane I caught to Seattle. Note that the cargo trailer is already empty.

Pulling out in the 757. Air Canada and several United planes. The one on the far right, with the yellow cargo conveyor, is the plane that brought me from Madison.

More miscellaneous United jets.

Looking out at a TED jet. TED is United's new low-cost carrier.

A big United jet.

Miscellaneous United jets.

Playing chicken with a smaller jet...

General shot of the ground traffic and the Rockies.

I guess we blinked first- the smaller jet never had to turn.

A regional jet.

Ground traffic, including another TED jet.

More ground traffic.

A United 757 - same model I was in. I was in the 2nd exit row over the wing, window seat. Best seat in coach. Acres of legroom and a window view.

New paint scheme for United Express.

New paint scheme for United.

Shot of the Rockies.

More mountains.

Mountains and a jet just turning off the runway.

Mountains and the radar tower.

More mountains.

Mountains and the jet in line ahead of us.

Looking back at the main terminal with the Rocky Mountain-inspired roof.