Seattle to Chicago, Page 2

Images taken on the flight from Seattle to Chicago O'Hare on April 29, 2004, passing over south-central Wisconain and  the Chicago area.

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Stoughton, WI.


Lake Koshkonong.


Janesville, WI.


Janesville, WI.


Janesville, WI.


A rare appearance of a circular irrigation system in Wisconsin.


Interstate 43.


Interstate 43.


Lake Delevan.


A town in Illinois.


Another town in Illinois.


A golf course.


Another golf course.


Closer view...


Looking north along the Lake Michigan shoreline.


Another view north.


Looking south down Lake Michigan.


Another view south.


Yet another golf course.


Another golf course.


Still more golf courses...


The Chicago skyline as we approached O'Hare.