Chicago O'Hare

Images taken walking from Terminal 1, Concourse C, to Terminal 2, Concourse E.

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Terminal 1, Concourse C.

Descending the escalator into the tunnel between Concourses C and B.

Entering the tunnel.

The tunnel.

The tunnel.

The tunnel.

Coming up on the escalator on the far side.

Coming up into Terminal 1, Concourse B.

Terminal 1, Concourse B.

The connector between Terminals 1 and 2.

Seen in Terminal 2. No idea why it was there or what it represents...

A plane from an airline I had not seen before, parked at Terminal 2, Concourse E.

Terminal 2, Concourses F (left) and E (right).

The American Airlines plane that was blocking one of only two operating runways that day.